Commonness Of Dance Styles, how did it happen? (Page 1)

🧐🧐🧐 Ever wondered how dance styles came to be and how they evolved into their numerous numbers as we have them today? 🤔🤔🤔

From my researches, I’ve found out that the commonness of dances births its acceptance.

With the advent of major dance practitioners & also music artistes, it has been of notable repute that as the entertainment industry buzzed, these certain “extraordinaires” sought to put down a flow of their feeling, a motional expression of their art or skill, called it DANCE and they played their wits on the opium of some general public to buy into their latest work of sweat & fun. This happened per time, in some cases, we divide by centuries, in other cases, by simple years or months.


You’ve got to understand that for something as spontaneous and fast flowing as dance, anybody can come up with any style or love and brand it as his own but its popularity and acceptance are most times based on public responses.

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Published by Laphtar

Head, DIT Studios. Passion for Dance, Marketing & PR. Business Idealist. Exposure Lover.

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